Whale Watching Kayak Trips & Tours in Alaska



Have you thought of visiting the land of the midnight sun- Alaska, any time?

During summer hundreds of Humpback whales gather in Frederick Sound. Orca whales can be seen in large numbers in Southeast Alaska. Kayaking trips give you an opportunity to watch these acrobatic massive species of the world at a close range. You will also see during these triplinetours.com porpoises, harbor seals, sea lions and sea otters. As you lift your head there are bald eagles perching all over the place trying to locate fish in the dancing waters below.

The tides are as high as 15 feet and scattered all over you will see tracks of bears and wolves. You will enjoy the ancient Tongass the largest temperate rainforest full of moss and foliage emitting a strange inspiring aroma.

Prince William Sound. This is located in South Central Alaska. Sea kayaking here is the zenith of joy and thrill that you can expect from any adventure tours. It is home to a beautiful wildlife habitat all along the coast. This spot has seven thousand square kilometers of glaciers, rivers Oceans and tidal flats, rain forests, fjords and lakes,

Columbia Glacier is a slow moving river of ice 4 miles wide and 270 feet high having an area of 1100 square kilometers. It cuts and shapes the land on its way as it moves four feet per day. This empties directly into the sea hence called tidewater glacier.

The beauty and charm of this wonderful glacier is decreasing every day and in the next 50 years it may be half of its size- courtesy global warming and man induced destruction. It was in a stable climatic condition for more than 200 years. There is no sign of retreating. How to view this marvel of Nature? Boats are ideal. They leave Whittear or Valdez and you can view at some distance from the glacier’s face. You can also view this sitting on a window seat of flights from Seattle to Anchorage.

There is wilderness every where in the dotted islands surrounding the Sound. Other places worth visiting are ‘Chenega Glacier’ Dangerous Passage, Culross Passage, Port Wells etc.

Blackstone Bay is a famous paddling spot. Charter boats start from whittier to Blackstone Bay. As you paddle you will see harbor seals and sea birds creating a wonderful scene with their strange sounds. From here you can hike along side Lawrence Glacier to Willard Island.

What you will enjoy most is the sound of the sight. At the end of the paddling day you will be back to Whittier. You will find dozens of tourists arriving at Anchorage every day for the kayaking trips. Nassau Fjord is famous for the Chenega tidal Glacier which is two miles wide. You can learn everything about ice and glaciers.

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