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Have you ever had a need to convert a file into different formats? I bet you do. Personally, I do it every day in the office and at home. In the office I mainly convert MS Word documents to PDF, at home I do conversion for books to Fiction Book format FB2 to use with my reader and bank account bills from MHT to PDF.

Depending on area where you are working in you might have more experience with documents like MS Word, Open Office Writer, RTF etc., tables like MS Excel, Open Office Calc, presentations like MS Power Point, Open Office Impress or images.

In most cases you have to have a special software to be installed on your PC or Mac which might not be free. Sometimes you have to order an extra software to work with a new file format. Why don’t convert it into something known to you and your equipment.

Just ask yourself. Why shouldn’t I use one of the What do I gain from using them?

Actually, let’s see what are the benefits.

You need to have only a web browser on your device and that’s it in terms of software and licences.

You can convert several files considering services offering bulk conversion feature.

You can use such services on your mobile devices where viewers of editors for certain formats are not available at all.

What are disadvantages?

You have to keep in mind the time and Internet traffic spent for uploading original files and downloading converted files.

Usually 80% of online conversion is the time spent for sending and receiving files.

According to statistics MS Office and Open Office documents can be archived by 2-5 times.

The conversion time can be reduced by using services offering conversion of your data.

Also privacy of sent files is still questionable.

As we can see, there are advantages and disadvantages of online conversion, but at the same time when we are talking about offline conversion we also see pros and corns. Limitations of online conversion may disappear in near future and even much faster than we can imagine. Internet speed is constantly growing and getting cheaper, security can be provided as well, because it’s matter of trusting to one company or another. And now ask yourself which conversion will become more popular soon? Why wouldn’t you try one of online file converters now?

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