Kitchen Utensils You Must Have



Kitchen utensils are essential items that help us in our cooking needs. Most of these are made of metals, plastic and even wood. It has a wide range of household functions from food preparation, to cooking and eating. Understanding your personal needs in the kitchen will help you get through with the long food preparation and cooking. Kitchen utensils are a must-have to make lives stress-free

The top ten kitchen Utensils are considered the very basic that each kitchen must at least have. It makes our cooking a lot easier. It is further discussed here.

A paring knife is a miniature Chef’s knife with plain edge blades. It is only 7 inches long with blades of 2 ½ to 4 inches wide. This knife is used for peeling and deveining shrimps. It can also be used to for cutting or slicing small garnishes from vegetable to bread. The knife’s handle gives an extra control on both tip and edge of the blade.

A carving knife is large type of knife with a straight edge. It is 8 to 15 inches long with thinner blades. It enables the cutting of meats from hams and roasts. A good quality carving knife costs $100 for a forged steel blade and high carbon materials.

A vegetable peeler is designed to peel off vegetables skins as well as fruit skins. It is made up of metal blades attached to a metal, wooden or plastic handle. This peeler comes in three varieties such as the Lancashire design, Y-peeler or speed peeler and the Dalson Classic Aussie Peele (rotating blades).

A whisk is used in food preparation. It is commonly known as a balloon whisk. It blends the ingredients all together. Whisks are commonly used to beat eggs and to whip creams. Most whisks are made up of metal and some are made of plastics for nonstick cookware. It is consists of a wire loops with narrow handle.

Measuring Spoons are used to measure an exact amount of wet or dry ingredients. It can be made of plastic and metals that comes in different sizes of small teaspoons and tablespoons.

A spatula is also known as a turner or flipper. It has a long handle with a wide flat edge.Visit website for lifting fried foods as well as mixing or tossing foods. It comes in many varieties, from plastic to silicon made products.

A grater is a tool used in grating foods into fine pieces like cheese, garlic, nutmeg and onions. It can also be used to grate coconuts and potatoes. Graters can be made up of plastic and metal with four sides grating options.

Spoons come in three varieties, a mixing spoon, slotted spoon and ladle. A mixing spoon is a small curved blade used in preparing or serving foods. A slotted spoon is good for draining vegetables because it has holes or small openings to let the liquid pass through. A ladle is a long spoon with a deep curve for serving liquids like soups and sauces.

A can opener is a device used in cutting or opening metal cans. The cutting wheel design of the can opener was created by William Lyman in 1870.

Kitchen Scissors are a cutting instrument also called as shears. It consists of two cutting blades with handles. Other kitchen scissors has a nut cracker on the middle part of the two handles.

Other important kitchen utensils are tongs, corkscrews and meat forks. Kitchen jobs would be a lot easier with these utensils. Good quality materials of kitchen utensils would mean a convenient and sturdy tool that will last a lifetime.


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