How to Create a Mobile Website in Five Steps



When the internet first came around in the 1990s, people were overwhelmed by the technology and people with the so called technical know-how, began to earn hundreds of dollars from advertising.

People built websites, and those who didn’t have one, were envious as to how one could be built. Since mobiles began to become hot property, more and more people have begun to build their own mobile websites, so that people can look at their business on the move. Building an internet or mobile website has never been easier, and is not that difficult to get started with a simple, yet sleek one.

You need to remember that getting started online has never been easier, and even now having a mobile site is not that hard to create once you learn just a few skills. They are not rocket science skills, either.


1) You need to firstly create a sub domain of your existing domain name. For example, if your website, then you would need to create, to denote that this is a mobile optimised version of your existing site.

2) You need to create a simple ufabet เว็บหลัก in one of your favourite HTML editors. Remember, when you are building a mobile website, you need to keep it simple, and refrain from using lots of high resolution images, and of course, lots of flashy gimmicks. A mobile site is a plain, concise summary of what is on your main website.

3) Once you have created and saved the files you need to upload those files to your sub domain you created. Once you have done that, you will type in your the full address into your browser, and hey presto, there is your mobile site.

4) On your main website, there should be a simple line of code that can be inserted into your HTML, that will divert readers onto your mobile website, either automatically, or, with a simple call to action.

5) You could of course also once you have created your mobile site, also enable people to see the URL by scanning it through a QR CODE. This is if people have a piece of software, which enables people to access the URL link of the site quicker, without having to type into their mobile browser. Most QR Code software are free to download.

Next, to view a video of how to create a sub domain, then click the link below…


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