Dating Advice – Her Lunch Menu Comments Are Telling You Something!



On the contrary to what people usually believe, lunches make better first-date meals than dinners. Why? This is because your day doesn’t end with lunch, it ends with dinner! If your date doesn’t go as accordingly as planned, you have a built-in escape! You can always choose to say that you have a meeting after lunch or you have to make a monthly visit to the doctor.

Although I agree that a midday meal can a pretty rushed event, it is still a great I-need-to-know-you now event. Sometimes, when men complain to me that they are unable to take the date further, I would tell them that it is a great opportunity to ask her out on a subsequent date. And when these men get lucky, the women call them back instead!

There is something about the aroma of food itself and the sacred ceremony of sharing a meal with the one you love. This applies to everyone. Do you feel pressured when you are dining with your superior? Do you just feel excited when you know that you are going to your favorite Aunt Marge’s house for that delicious steak? Therefore, do you think you will feel anxious when she suggests the both of you go for lunch?

Since it is obvious that the presence of food has the ability to change the emotions of someone, you can have an idea of the person’s personality. Ask her what she wants with the menu, if the woman answers:

“I see only one or two possibilities.”

When the has so many items, this shows that she is a pessimist. She has a huge tendency to view dating negatively. This is probably if she had a bad childhood experience and she has built a barrier around herself.

“Wow, there are too many choices to choose from!”

This is a woman who is bustling with energy and there is a very strong likelihood that she is a optimist.

“I want everything!”

You can bet that this woman see the world through rose-colored glasses. She views life as a bed of roses. There is a huge possibility that she is used to being pampered all the time and that dating is a natural process. There are no problems to resolve and there are only events worth celebrating. This is quite difficult to digest when there are subsequent dates.

Even from a simple menu, you can determine several aspects of a person. There are other ways to find out more about a woman, you just need to dig deeper.

When men discover that they cannot get the women they love, they blame that it is because of their looks, all types of external factors and everyone else. In fact, the trick about dating is just about the techniques.

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