Convert Your Ebook to PDF – Part 3



For eBooks in any niche, embedded links are essential; whether you just want a link to your site at the beginning or a bunch of affiliate links scattered throughout, or even links to informational sites related to your eBook, you need your PDF to have fully functional links. And with some free PDF converters this can be a problem.

If you have gotten as far as creating a simple in as described in my earlier articles then these steps will it finish off, fixing links and tables of contents.

(But if you’re the kind of person who likes lots of screenshots to help you through instructions check out the free eBook version below!)

I’m assuming that you’ve already created a PDF document using the steps we went through earlier. So, let’s continue from there…

1.Close your PDF if it is still open.

2.You’ll need to make sure you set your default printer to PDF 995 for this process.

If this is a hassle for you to keep switching your default printer (if you do a lot of printing and eBook creation!) then maybe you’d prefer to add a button to your toolbar which will allow you to create PDFs a the click of a button.

It’s a little but trickier to set up, but you can find out all the details in the free eBook below.

Go to Start – Control Panel – Printers.

Right click on the printer icon for PDF 995 and select Set as default printer.

3.While you’re there, you can check if the page size is set correctly instead of setting it via Word as we did earlier.

Right-click again on PDF 995 and choose Properties – Tab: General.

Click the Printing Preferences button then the Advanced button.

Set Paper Size to A4. Then Ok,Ok,Ok.

4.Go to Start – All Programs – Software995 – pdfedit995.

5.As usual, you will get the sponsored ads from Software995, but pdfedit will open too. Probably on your taskbar rather than opening as a window on top of your current windows.
Click on the pdfedit tab on your taskbar (bottom of your screen) to bring it up if necessary.

6.Click on the Page Size tab. Make sure the page is set to A4 as it was in the printer properties earlier on.

7.Now click on the Batch tab.

Click the Add File… button. Select the Document you want to convert (it’s better to close the document in Word first) in the folder window that opens up for you by double clicking on it or clicking once on it and then clicking Open.

Now click the Batch print to default printer button. You’ll be asked to save the PDF document. Choose your folder and name the file as you would normally for Word and Save.

Notice the file name ends in .pdf. Make sure you don’t change this if you are changing the name of the file. The filename is usually automatically the same as your word document’s.

You’ll get a message telling you your document is converted. Click OK.

Now your new PDF will open for you to check.

Note: If you find that you have embedded links or bookmarks that don’t work at this stage, go back and check that you have set the page size in your printer properties to A4 and the page size in pdfedit to A4 also. Then create your PDF again from the top.


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